I love home made nut milks! I try to be 95% dairy free (I don’t eat cheese and the only milk I have is in the capuchino’s I have when no other milk else is available). So making my own nut milk (cashew or almond) is very important. Plus it froths really well!

Here is my nut milk recipe: almond milk or cashew milk

1 1/2 cups almonds or cashews: soak for 8-12 hours preferably in alkaline water (I have a Kangen filter to make 9.5 water). Refrigerate over night or all day. Drain nuts and wash. Prepare 2 -3 cups water. I use my Thermomix to blend the nuts/ it works best to blend them alone then add the water. You can add more water if needed. Strain and squeeze through my favorite nut bag: Bigger Better Nut Milk Bags use code: chefvanessa to get 10 % off. Milk keeps for about 4- 5 days in the fridge. You can freeze it also in ice cubes.

It makes the best capuchino!! Froths perfectly!

This nut milk bag is also useful to make/ strain celery or green juice. How awesome is that?

Tips & Guidelines:
-Your new nut milk bag will arrive inside out. We recommend using the bag this way, with the seams towards the outside, to prevent small particles from lodging in the seams making cleaning more work!
– Before first use, wash bag in warm water and unscented soap, then air dry.
-To help the bag keep its shape, you can take a wire hanger and form it to fit inside the bag so it stretches the bag out while it dries. This will prevent the bag from staying crinkled up from twisting and squeezing


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