Black Steel Skillet


I was recently given a Black Steel skillet by Matfer (I adore Matfer and have loved AND used this brand since 1992 since I became a Chef). Every cook values their black steel pan because it takes time to season it. These pans conduct heat really well, replace any teflon pans (teflon is NOT healthy guys), are great for making pancakes, seared fish, fried eggs, crepes, brownie skillet you name it!

It took me a while to understand how to season this skillet and create a healthy non stick surface. Definitely check out the video on how to season yours just go to Matfer’s instagram (instructions come in the skillet). Then just cook a small amount of oil (I used coconut oil or avocado oil) let it almost burn, do this multiple times, until you get a natural patina  which is that natural non stick surface. Now make sure NO one washes this pan ever. Clean with a dry rag. If you have to wash it make sure you DRY it really really well immediately with a paper towel. Do not air dry it. It is a great foodie gift!




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