Thermomix TM6: My absolute favorite all in one appliance



I am a huge fan of Thermomix and have owned and used one for 15 years! I use it 3 times a day from making my Bulletproof coffee to making cauliflower rice, making pastry cream, ganache, keto or paleo baked goods, making flours, healthy jams, whipped vegan cream to making my weekly dose of nut butters and nut milks. It saves you time, $ and health. Plus it comes with 60,000 + AMAZING guided recipes from around the world on screen with an app that literally is life changing called Cookidoo. You can now send your shopping list directly to most stores!

If you have a bakery, do production, are a foodie and cook at home you MUST have one. The TM6 has 22 functions: steaming, sous vide, mixing, whipping, saute, (high heat function), fermentation, kettle, thickening mode (ideal for making lemon cream  or pastry cream or Hollandaise), rice cooking, making bread, blending, boiling, grinding, kneading, chopping, caramelizing.

When you purchase the Thermomix with me you get: a personalized demo, cooking class, access to my Facebook group and continual support on your cooking. I will show you how to make: the best nut butters, nut milks, maple sugar, date syrup and keto recipes!


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