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I love 360 Bakeware. When the company approached me I immediately fell in love with their brand, mission, website, products and family owned business. You can immediately feel and see the high standards of craftsmanship. 360 Cookware is making heirloom quality cookware and bakeware in the most ethical and environmental manner possible. Sourcing the highest grades of materials possible, bending and finishing them only by the hands of true veteran craftspeople. The mirrored finish is achieved entirely by a mechanical process. No chemicals are used from start to finish.

The quality is so amazing that they offer a lifetime warranty. I was especially drawn to the fact that 360 Bakeware is all made of surgical stainless steel T-304. This makes it toxic free and lasts a lifetime. When I started as a healthy pastry chef I knew I wanted to remove all toxins and use green clean products so I have been switching out my aluminum bakeware for surgical stainless steel, that way there are no toxins leaching into my cookies, cakes, pies or baked goods.

When you invest in great quality cookware and bakeware you are investing in your health and that of generations to come, because these products last generations, plus they bake well and are easy to clean and look gorgeous at your table.

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I got the bakeware for my healthy baking school which we open in a few weeks. I recommend the following:

The medium cookie sheet 

Large Cookie Sheet

The jelly roll pan

Mini Loaf Pan

9" x 13" Bake & Roast Pan

Pie Pan


1 review for Stainless Steel Bakeware

  1. Vanessa Musi

    After testing many stainless steel bakeware and cookware these are my favorite, so well made, super sturdy and they are made to the highest craftsmanship. Plus they look gorgeous, they also clean very well, are made of surgical stainless steel.

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