Stir Sweetener


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stir sweetener I use it a lot. I have baked with it for almost 5 years. I had the pleasure to meet Leila the owner and creator of Stir in Los Angeles and fell in love with her product and why she created this impressive natural healthy sweetener.

It is made of coconut sugar with extra benefits:

  • Organic ingredients.
  • 2 carbs
  • 1 gram prebiotic fiber (good for your gut)
  • Low glycemic, low sugar
  • Diabetic diet friendly, Paleo, Kosher, Gluten Free

It is less sweet than coconut sugar and ideal for people who want to lower their sugar content and not use sugar alcohols (please note it is not cero carbs or cero glycemic). It bakes really really well! Use 1:1 (same amount in volume as sugar). It will also bake less “brown” and carmelize a bit less than pure coconut sugar. The prebiotic fiber helps your gut flora, lowers the sugar spike and is great for your gut.


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