When students come to my workshops the first thing they want to buy is a Thermomix.  The second thing they buy is this amazing oven! I have gotten so many raving reviews and comments of I loved the oven and got it for my Birthday or Xmas or anniversary!

I have been dying for an Air Fryer and a dehydrator and a proofer (well mostly an air fryer). Ask my husband. I was madly obsessed since Xmas and ever since I saw Breville‘s new Smart Oven: it was love at first site. The air frying mode is spectacular! I  also love baking, proofing bread and dehydrating oranges.

An all in one oven that fits on your counter top, easy to use, a great brand! The air fryer mode requires no fat (check recipes online or join Breville’s large community on Facebook (there are 2 active groups).



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