Hestan Cue Set


I fell madly in love with the amazing Hestan brand when I discovered their cookware in Williams Sonoma, I started cooking with their life changing pots and then fell in love with their sister brand Hestan Cue when they collaborated with Thermomix. I won a Hestan Cue smart cooking system which is a smart pan and an induction burner. The Hestan Cue cooking system has a great app that is connected via Bloothtooth and allows to you cook guided recipes and has unique sensors built into the burner and the pan, which speak to your smart device. I love the new smart probe also which is a smart thermometer which helps you control cooking for caramels and set a temperature to stop cooking which makes caramels fool proof. The Hestan Cue system is brilliant because it maintain regular temperature and continuously communicates with the app and induction burner, ensuring consistent, to the degree temperature and perfect results every time.

This means no more over cooked caramels or meals.

My favorite set is this.

My top favorites: 

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