Brava Oven


I love my Brava Oven!

It is an all in one countertop smart home convection oven.

It: bakes, roasts, air fries, dehydrates, cooks vegetables and meats in combo mode.

It is super fast 3 x faster than any oven! We made the crispiest pizza, best air fried Brussels sprouts, killer pancakes (be sure to get the baking equipment), the best fried eggs in the planet (we are madly in love with the egg/ muffin/ pancake pan). The camera mode is truly amazing you can see the food cooking! I loved the notifications on my phone that tell me when the food is ready and when the oven has pre heated. BRILLIANT!

So why would you get it?

  1. Cook smarter with technology can really make your life simpler! Cook faster, easier, better flavors (better caramelization). Less clean up! Combo cooking is like a one pan dinner but better.
  2. Convenience: the guided recipes that allow you to cook anything pretty much in an oven.
  3. Super user friendly and super efficient.
  4. It takes baking and cooking to another level
  5. The baking accessories are to die for!

Please note: this is a home oven. If you are looking for a professional convection oven for production this is too small for bakery production. Also note Brava is not yet available in Mexico: don’t buy it in the US and take it to Mexico the app will not work and also for guarantee and service purposes: never buy an appliance in another country.  It is available in Canada!

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